Wednesday, 13 June 2012

six weeks in

Mid May 2012. Over 30,000 words into the book now, I’ve been writing consistently since early April, six weeks. The commencement date on our contract is 1st April, my mother’s birthday, the completion date is two years from then.  It seems like only a few days, such is the fun that I’ve had working with our characters and the story of their lives in an ancient but little known empire.  It has had extreme highs when Hamma, (the co-author and native expert in this culture and its history) has emailed some info describing a battle, the countryside or a wedding. Then working on a series of events or an idea I want to get across until it is completed, I find that the hours slip by and the sun moves through its elliptical path across the sky.  When I have worked for five or six hours, I have to go out into the garden to try to rest my mind which wants to stay back in those times long past. 

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  1. I agree with you for the amount of time we are spending to write about the old Aryanem civilization. I am always doing research to find better information to be used by you when you are busy to write.

    It is going well, especially now you becoming familiar with the culture of people from that part of the World.

    I hope we will come up with the book to be enjoyable to read and know about other culture as we are learning from one another always.