Thursday, 14 June 2012

of dreams and future visions

I recently heard a talk by a professor of journalism whose theme was, ‘Giving up your dream’. He was speaking to artists and composers including musicians, film makers and writers.  He described how a magazine that he started, one of his life’s goals, failed.  In giving up his dream he realised that he had learned a lesson, that he could survive losing something material or intrinsically creative that he held very dear.  It taught him that nothing must come between him and his faith in One God.
The writing of this book has commenced the realisation of a dream, held consciously and subconsciously for over forty years.  It has become a passion but it cannot surpass the anchor that is my faith in an all-powerful and all -saving God.  I just have to stop and take a breath sometimes remembering that this project, if successful, will someday be forgotten, although I do not believe the messages in it will because they are forever.  After any fanfare that might happen God will still be there turning the wheels of the Universe.

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