Wednesday, 26 September 2012

doing them justice

As I fit the characters' lives into the historical facts (and readers will discover a few not commonly known), I wonder in some trepidation whether I am doing them justice, or injustice. How could I possibly know what it was like in those times for which little archaeological and written evidence has been found? (It is believed that what existed has been destroyed or the information sabotaged). At times I have felt quite presumptous in even attempting to represent some of these historically elusive people on the pages of a novel written for the present. Will readers grasp the significance for then and now of this two and a half thousand year old civilisation? When the characters look up to the stars and the readers are prompted to do so themselves, hopefully the latter will feel the connection between these ancient people, themselves and the millions of their descendents denied or fighting for their freedom in the same territory today.

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