Friday, 6 May 2011

Ancient Queen - post modern hero

I'm introducing a story about some of the basest and some of the most noble of human characteristics.  A queen of an ancient civilisation had to make a quick decision under pressure and she would have been aware of the possible dire consequences of her rebellion.  But she stood her ground against the man who was, sadly in this situation, both her husband and the most powerful man in the world at that time.  To comply would have meant loss of her true self and her dignity as a human being, as well as the further enslavement of women to capricious decisions of the authorities.


  1. You've chosen a very interesting character. I would like to know more about Queen Vashti as it seems that it's not just her beauty but her apparent fiery nature that seemed to appeal to the King. How did she elevate herself to the position of Queen amongst many other beautiful women? It would seem that she was a charismatic woman who would have inspired many over the generations. A woman who is a leader is worthy of more research. Are you up for the challenge? I'd certainly like to know more!

  2. So often we think of miracles as something outside the ordinary, but perhaps--as with your story of the veggies--miracles are really being able to see the wonder around us. I just finished reading Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony. The hero, Tayo, is looking for a certain pattern of stars in the sky to signal that his quest is beginning. It is only when T'seh points them out that he "sees" them. It is the same as when a child stops and makes us look at something that is otherwise invisible or when we are really paying attention to what or friend means (rather than what she says).

    Now THOSE are miracles.

  3. The story is about ancient civilization were women struggle started to be respected by man as equal partner in marriage for better and more enjoyable family life.